Net Worth Map®

Personal Financial Planning Software
by Interval Software, LLC

Software to Help You Build a Custom Road Map to your Financial Success

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Take Control of your Financial Future!

Net Worth Map® is free retirement planning software that will  quickly help you build a goal-oriented roadmap from now through the final settlement of your estate.  It does this by helping you to develop a customized investment and spending plan that maximizes your net worth over time.  

Net Worth Map® is also free, state-of-the-art financial planning software designed to replace an expensive, in-person financial adviser who dispenses the same boilerplate "plan" to all of his clients.  It enables you to easily develop your own financial plan and then adjust it in minutes whenever you experience unanticipated life changes. 

Net Worth Map® finally answers the questions that perplex millions in the middle of the night:  Am I on track to meet my financial goals?  How much money do I need to fund my retirement?  When can I retire?  What could a job loss or illness do to my plans?  Can I afford that big purchase while in retirement?

How Do I Start?

1.  Download the FREE Net Worth Map® software 

2.  Enter data about yourself, your savings, income, and expenses.  (Please refer to Page 1 of the "Screen Shots" tab to see the required input data.)  This is the same data that any good financial planner would require of you to build a customized plan.  The difference is that any data you enter into Net Worth Map® resides ONLY on your hard drive.  Nothing is shared, uploaded to the "cloud", or accessable to us or any other third party. 

3.  Review your results.  Net Worth Map® gives you a probabilistic forecast of your net worth by year of age going forward and grades the results for safety that you will have enough money to last through your retirement.

4.  You can easily change your investment types and amounts, expenditures, and future income assumptions to see what is required to achieve your financial goals with an acceptable margin of safety by repeating steps 2 and 3.

How It Works

Net Worth Map® explicitly considers factors over which you have considerable control (your spending) partial control (your income) and little or no control (your investment returns, taxes, inflation, and interest rates) in order to give you a probabilistic forecast of your future net worth by year. Net Worth Map® will help you manage your money more optimally, make smarter investment choices, understand the risks and variability in the market economy, and prepare yourself for the uncertain financial future.

  Benefits of Net Worth Map®:

• Custom-develop the personalized financial plan that you know you need in under an hour. • Easy and Free to update your plan in minutes when your financial situation changes.  More responsive than a human Financial adviser.
• Extremely cost-effective when compared to an expensive "Financial Planner" who charges you  $200 per hour or $2500-$10000 per plan or a 1-2% annual fee (based on assets-under-management) for boiler-plate advice. • Secure. Store your personal data on your hard drive, not on the web or in an off-site office
• Easy to Learn and Use:  Everything is on one, simple-to-navigate screen • No User's Manual.  No Financial Jargon. No long learning curve. No sales to you of proprietary, self-serving "secret elixir" investment products.
• Free software updates and software support for life.  Updated for the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017". • Instantly available by download.  Comes pre-loaded with sample data that you can leave as is or change to reflect your situation.

Addresses the following six problems commonly found in lesser financial planning software:

1.  Failure to Account for fees, taxes, and inflation: Net Worth Map® incorporates YOUR current tax rates and lets you change them for  "what-if" analysis.  It automatically handles tax impacts of contributions to and withdrawals from traditional and Roth retirement plans and taxable savings accounts.  It lets you specify adjustments for fees and dividends that distinguish your investment returns from market indexes.

2.  Unrealistic rates of return:  Net Worth Map® analyzes YOUR investments, income, and expenses against 1000 combinations of each 12-month stock and bond market rate of return, and the corresponding CPI inflation rate, that has occurred since 1950.  If you prefer, you can even select your own time intervals for "worst case" or "best case" financial planning.  Utilizing actual historical data in this way helps you analyze the possible impact of unforeseen "Black Swan" events in financial markets (like the 1987 and 2008 stock market crashes) on your plan.  The impact of these or even more frequent or larger "outlying" events cannot be captured by other financial planning software that relies on static or normalized economic inputs.

3.  Underestimating life expectancy:  Net Worth Map® lets you specify and change your life expectancy, full retirement age, and years as a part-time worker before or after retirement.

4.  Social Security benefits not factored in:  Net Worth Map® links to the government's official Social Security Calculator.  It lets you specify when you will choose to receive Social Security benefits and adjusts your benefits accordingly.

5.  Home equity treatment varies:  Net Worth Map™ separates investment returns on stocks, bonds, and other "liquid" investments that can easily be sold to meet daily living expenses from"non-liquid" assets such as Real Estate and home equity for cash flow and investment analysis purposes. 

6.  Life events are difficult to account for:  Net Worth Map® lets you specify one-time major purchases or recurring, permanent increases or decreases in your income and/or expenses.

Net Worth Map® runs on any version of the Windows® Operating System.