Net Worth Map®

Personal Financial Planning Software
by Interval Software, LLC

Software to Help You Build a Custom Road Map to your Financial Success

PC Computing Power at a free "App" price! 

Net Worth Map® Software - Free Download

We want you to experience how easy and fun it is to build a workable, realistic financial plan in just a few minutes.  That is why we are offering you the free, no-obligation, fully-functional version of Net Worth Map®!.

Note:  Net Worth Map® runs on any version of the Windows® Operating System. Click here for ways to run Net Worth Map® on your Mac.


Hint:  You might want to print this page to be certain Net Worth Map® is installed successfully on your computer.

1.  Please Click here to download your FREE version of Net Worth Map®

2.  The downloaded installer will appear in a few seconds on-screen as NWMLife.exe.  Click "Run".  If it downloads to your "system tray" (bottom left of your computer screen) double-click it.

3.  Windows will ask if you want this verified publisher (Interval Software, LLC) file to make changes to your computer (i.e., be installed on your hard drive).  Click "Yes".

4.  Click the "No Questions Asked" button for the default installation.  You will be asked to agree to the Operators's License.  

5.  Net Worth Map® will start immediately and you will see its Title Screen.  (If you don't see it, look for it blinking in your system tray and click on it.)  Please note that at initial startup, Net Worth Map® searches your computer for MS Excel or a compatible spreadsheet. This takes up to a minute.  Please let it finish searching.  (A spreadsheet is used to show details of Net Worth Map's calculations.)  

6.  Upon startup, Net Worth Map® will show you some sample inputs for a fictional person.  Simply overwrite this sample data with your own personal information.  Put the Mouse cursor over the field label if you need help to understand what information is being requested.  You can save your work and return later by clicking the "Save this Scenario" button.

7.  Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.  We truly appreciate your interest and time taken to evaluate and use Net Worth Map®!